We arrange stay or lunches together with quad tours.
There are four tours to make, all of about 3/4 hours:
Starting from Tempa Bianca
  • Tour #1: bosco di Timmari, lago San Giuliano
  • Tour #2: bosco Coste, fiume Basento
  • Tour #3: santuario sant'antuono, bosco verrutoli
  • Tour #4: Pietrapertosa, Castelmezzano
Tours are proposed together with lunch or overnight.

Rates per person (when there are 2 people per quad)

  • Lunch + guided tour (to choice between one of the first three toursi) .....euro 60
  • Dinner + overnight + breakfast + guided tour ( 1, 2 or 3) .......euro 80
  • Dinner + overnight + breakfast + #4 guided tour..........euro 105
Minimum......three couples, Max five couples.

Tempa Bianca is the right starting point for riding on a mountain bike!

Being in close proximity to the "Diga di San Giuliano" WWF refuge makes our agritourism an incontrovertible destination for those who are passionate about hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking and bird watching: in fact, here you can see the black kite, the lesser kestrel, the grey heron, the European bee-eater and, with a little luck, the rare Egyptian vulture. 

Tempa Bianca is entirely surrounded by pine forest and dense thickets.  These supply part of the local products offered by the company:  pinarolo mushrooms, wild asparagus, wild chicory, blackberries, raspberries, pine nuts, wild game (the firm has hunting licenses available upon request > hunting establishment).